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Tribute to famous composer César Portillo de la Luz
Some greats of the Cuban music dedicated a memorable tribute at the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC), Havana, to César Portillo de la Luz in his 85 years.

The Maestro Harold Gramatges, president of the Association of Musicians, referred that the work of the author of "Contigo en la Distancia", ("With you in the Distance") was of first quality. This is an anthological song that was renovated for this tribute by the creation of the pianist Chucho Valdés.

After the emotional words of Portillo, who confessed that his work is popular, because it is born in what he thinks, feels and suffers as a human being, "Noche Cubana", another of his famous songs, shined again due to the performance of the famous performer.

A photo exhibition of Portillo de la Luz in honor of his birthday and made by the Basque artist Jesús Etxarte under the title, "Soy hombre: nada de lo que es humano me es extraño" ("Im a man: nothing human is strange to me") is open in the Rubén Martínez Villena hall of the UNEAC.

The famous singers and teachers Frank Fernández, Roberto Valera, Jesús Ortega and Ulises Aquino among many others took part in the tribute.

A guitar player and composer, Portillo de la Luz is one of the most important representatives of the Cuban Bolero and his work started in the fillin movement together with important figures such as José Antonio Méndez, Ñico Rojas, Rosendo Ruiz (son), Aida Diestro and Elena Burke.

His vast number of songs has enriched the Cuban song libraries with titles such as "Tú mi delirio" ("You my delirium"), that as well as "Contigo en la distancia" has over 100 versions.

The songs of Portillo have been performed by important figures from every time, such as Nat King Cole, Lucho Gatica, Pedro Vargas, Fernando Fernández, Luis Mariano, Luis Miguel, Plácido Domingo and Caetano Veloso.

Source: Cubarte

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