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Santiago residents in recovery stage after flooding
The provinces defense council called Tuesday on the different institutions and the general population to work diligently to move quickly to recover from the serious damage caused by recent heavy rains and flooding.

Misael Enamorado Dager, the top Communist Party official for Santiago de Cuba, called on the leadership in each municipality to allocate resources for the neediest communities and to distribute assistance to the victims as fast as possible.

The official said that even though the rains have continued, hundreds of damaged roofs have already been repaired.

To confront land communication problems produced by the flooding, Enamorado said several brigades were erected and road repairs will immediately begin, starting with roads of strategic economic and social importance.

Dozens of communities remain cut off due to swollen rivers and flooded roads and highways. However, basic food and hygiene supplies have been provided along with other primary needs guaranteed by the civil defense authorities.

Source: Granma

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