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Russia fascinated by Compay Segundo in his centennial
Hundreds of Moscovites got fascinated by the music and stories depicting humanism by Francisco Repilado Muñoz (Compay Segundo) during a soireè dedicated to him in the Cervantes Institute, in Moscow.

Just a few days before his centennial (November 18th) and a little more than four of his death, evoking the artist in first person and analyzing his recordings fascinated the inhabitants of one of the few countries he could not visit.

The lecture "Cuba and Spain in Compay Segundo", by journalist and researcher Jorge Petinaud was a top moment within the celebration days on the Day of the Cuban Culture in Russia, remarked the ambassador Jorge Martí.

Víctor Andresco director of the Cervantes Institute, stated the role played by the author of "Chan Chan" as representative of the bigger of the Antilles in the country which launched him to the world during the last stage of his artisitc ongoing, and of Spain in the island in which he was born.

Petinaud told anecdotes lived within an almost familiar relationship, born in 1980, when he interviewed Comapy for the first time, and it lasted up to his last moments, he evoked.

Son of a Negro woman, slave descendant, and of an "dude Andalucian", as he confessed, Repilado and his work reflected how wealthy cross-breeding is, and because of this he unnoticedly composed a son-flamenco (gipsy son) ("Juliancito, tu novia te botó") in the 1940`s.

Some of his interpretations accompanied by Spanish musicians and artists, such as Santiago Auserón (producer of the two CD`s included in his legendary anthology), the singer Martirio, the gipsy guitarist Raymundo Amador and the actor Antonio Banderas, enriched the lecture, according to Prensa Latina report.

A tribute to the outstanding poet Federico García Lorca, through his musicalized poem "Son de negros en Cuba" ("Iré a Santiago"), by the Cuban actor Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera.

The Russian grouping Grenada joined the soireè by paying their tribute to Compay Segundo Centennial with the premiere

Source: Cubarte

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