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 Cesaria Evora and Cuban Music

Nominated for the Prince of Asturias Prize, celebrated Cape Verdean singer Cesaria Evora turned to Spain to start a her launch tour of a new album, in which this great voice of the so-called 'world music', includes Cuban and Brazilian music.

Known as "the diva of the barefoot", she started in Santander, Cantabria, the launch of her CD "Caf√© Atl√°ntico", an album which gathers some of the most famous themes, recorded Cesaria √Čvora during her presentations in Havana, with the notable participation of outstanding Cuban musicians.

According to the artist, this new discographic proposal, highly appreciated by critics and public, "was an idea of Angelo Spencer and Jose Da Silva, my producers. They thought it was something suitable for me, talked to me about it and I found it right".

African Cuban and Brazilian songs get together in her warm voice and the melodies shocked the auditorium in all stages, thats why the people from Santander are readying now to enjoy that singular fusion of Cape Verdean and Caribbean rhythms in the Argenta Hall of the Festival Palace.

Particularly the youngest people, as the whole Spanish public, cheer and applaud the Cape Verdean diva, whos always willing to encourage the new composers through her "mornas" (melodies from her country) in the defense of their traditions and roots.

In Havanas Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater, the audience was also moved by this outstanding African singer and chorused her rhythms and melodies, from the sensual and erotic dialogue of her emotional performances. It was there where this experience, now trapped by technology, was born and is expected to be likewise enjoyed in the Iberian Peninsula, to the beat of Cuban sones and Brazilian sambas.

Source: CubaSi

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