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  • 10 / 21 / 2007

People from Las Tunas go to the polls

A total of 773 polling stations are open in eastern Las Tunas, Cuba, where voters are already choosen the candidates of their preferences in their neighbourhoods to make up the Municipal Assemblies of the Peoples Power (Parliament).

None of the 2,131 nominees had or will have to run an electoral campaign to form part of the top organ of the state power in the place where they live. Only their personal qualities, acknowledged by the majority of the people, have made them candidates. Their biographies and photographs have been displayed for several weeks in public places in each district

Everything is in place and at an optimum to facilitate the all-important exercise of socialist democracy and revolutionary reaffirmation. More than 8,000 people who are working in the 773 polling stations in the province were training, which included learning the Electoral Act and Book.

Source: Periodico 26

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