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 Humberto Solás and Barrio Cuba to Spain

The film maker Maestro Humberto Solás is again in Spain to open the 10th edition of the International Festival of Short Length Films and Alternative Cinema of Benalmádena, (FICCAB). At the event he received a homage in recognition of his valuable work termed as "a stronghold of the Third Worlds Cinema."

His film "Barrio Cuba", a Hispanic-Cuban production shared between Fine Productions (Spain) and ICAIC (Cuba) that features Jorge Perugorría and Luisa María Jiménez was screened.

Considered as a nurturer of the "author cinema" - with the film Lucia - Solás has revolutionized his filming language in assimilating new techs trends.

He heads a national movement in defence of the alternative cinema that led him to preside over the International Festival of Poor Cinema of Gibara, in the province of Holguín for the past three years.

Admired and respected for producing an authentic Cuban artwork rooted in most valued folk traditions and costumes, Humberto Solás' films are welcome nationally and internationally. In Benalmádena known as " Malaga's sun coast " his filmography has been largely praised and recognized.

Source: CubaSi

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