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Water in Floridas dams guarantee conditions to face drought
Over 150 million cubic meters of fresh water are stored, so far, in the lakes and reservoirs of the municipality of Florida, some 40 kilometres western Camaguey, representing nearly the total capacity of these dams.

In spite of the continuous discharging of the Muñoz dam, the largest in the area, this reservoir exhibits a considerable volume of fresh water, due to the persistent rain.

Caonao, El Ángel Dos and El Porvenir, plus other minor reservoirs are also in full capacity, what is undoubtedly beneficial for the municipality of Florida to tackle the dry season.

According to the program created by the Hydroeconomy direction there is total safeness in the operation of these dams, and the future plans foresee the usage of the water in the development of agriculture programs in and for the people supply.

Over the last years the reservoirs in the territory were subjected to a huge maintenance work not only to improve the conditions of their dikes, but also to repair their spillways, making possible that most of the dams could reach the category of "excellent hydraulic installations" in Florida.

Source: By Humberto Guevara Esquivel, Radio Florida

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