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Cuban farmers boost Organic Agriculture
Farmers from the Cuban central province of Ciego de Avila are promoting the use of biological agents along with agro-ecological techniques that fight plagues and safeguard the environment.

According to a specialist at the Provincial Department of Vegetal Health, Regla Susana Granda Sanchez, this combination has increased the production of organic vegetables remarkably in Ciego de Avila in 2007, including both the state and the private sectors.

Some of the techniques promoted are the use of a yellow flowering species that repels harmful bugs, and the production of botanical substances to fight plagues such as the white fly that attacks tomato plants.

Likewise, farmers are using earthworm humus and organic waste from the sugar cane industry as natural fertilizers, which contribute to maintaining the ecological equilibrium and enhance agriculture production.

Thirty two provincial enterprises in Ciego de Avila have been awarded the Agro-ecological Medal by the Cuban Association of Agriculture and Forest Technicians (ACTAF), thanks to their outstanding results in the field of organic agriculture.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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