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 6th World wind energy conference & renewable energy exhibition

Organised by WWEA jointly with the Argentine Wind Energy Association, the 6th World wind energy conference & renewable energy exhibition will be held at Mar del Plata, Argentina from 2 to 4 October 2007.

International and regional companies will meet to take the necessary steps for the creation of strong domestic wind industries and related industrial capacities.
Most of the Latin American countries are currently facing a serious shortage of electricity. Especially in the host country, Argentina, more and more companies are seriously affected by power shortages and blackouts and are therefore willing to invest in domestic renewable energy capacities like after all wind energy. In the WWEC 2007 host country Argentina, 200 MW of wind farms have been authorised by the national wholesale market regulator, CAMESSA, to be installed as a first step at the Atlantic coastline of Buenos Aires province and to meet the energy needs of those companies directly affected by power shortages. In the neighbour country Brazil, the wind market started its take-off in the year 2006 with 208 MW of new installations making Brazil the number one wind country in the region.
Further countries like Chile, Mexico or Cuba have started setting up favourable frameworks for wind energy utilisation on a large scale. One major challenge for the Latin American wind markets will be the establishment of domestic wind industries and manufacturing capacities within the region. The actual worldwide shortage of wind turbines affects the region heavily because only little manufacturing capacities have been set up so far.

WWEC 2007 as the first major international wind energy event ever held in Latin America will offer possibilities for companies and political decision-makers to discuss strategies on how to answer these challenges through favourable political frameworks and industry partnerships. High-level delegates from all over the world will contribute their first-hand experiences and enable the Latin American countries to boost their domestic wind industries. Several leading international and domestic wind turbine manufacturers, actual and potential wind farm operators like electricity cooperatives as well as wind farm developers will attend WWEC 2007 to establish new joint ventures and further cooperation in order to develop the emerging Latin American wind markets.

About the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA)
WWEA is the global voice for wind energy representing wind energy organisations on all continents. Currently, WWEA represents the wind sector with members in 80 countries. Amongst the WWEA members there are the major national associations worldwide, scientific institutes and companies. WWEA works for the complete substitution of fossil and nuclear
sources by renewable energies with wind energy as one cornerstone by
- providing a platform for the communication of all wind energy actors world-wide,
- influencing national and international policies,
- enhancing international technology transfer.
The WWEA Head Office is situated in Bonn/Germany close to the UN Campus.

Source : World Wind Energy Association

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