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 Monarch butterflies in Cuba

Queens of beauty and endurance, in their crossing through the American continent, Monarch Butterflies have touched and lived in many points of Cubas geography with large populations of the species in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and Topes de Collantes.

Cuban biologists do not know exactly when these captivating insects began to arrive in the national territory, though the first reference dates from the 1800s, carried out by German naturalist Gundlach.

It hasnt been genetically proven either, although its very likely that the ones settled in Cuba come from those that every year, between August and October, migrate to the forests of Mexico, California and the Yucatan Peninsula to mate and develop far away from the harsh winter of North America.

Precisely, in this time of the year you can see the arrival from the sea of large groups of these Olympic butterflies able to travel over 6,000 kilometers in search of the ideal conditions to perpetuate and develop their brave species fit to live twelve times more than others, yet when a light touch can damage their wings.

Unexplainable and unrepeatable phenomenon, challenging winds and atmospheric changes, millions of Monarch Butterflies migrate to Central America. They only reach their sexual maturity with the spring heat, so to achieve it they need to winter in a place where temperature keeps them drowsy.

Cuba is also visited by the bright and colorful black and yellow striped butterfly, important pollinating agent and biological equilibrium factor.

Source: By Maritza Mariana, CubaSi

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