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 Pablo Milanés in Cantabria
The Concha Espina Theater, of Cantabria, to close the last quarter of 2007 with an intense programming of recitals and concerts, in whose list of participating great figures stands out the presence of Cuban singer/songwriter Pablo Milanés in early October.

A recital highly awaited by the highland public is announced now because the legendary author of Yolanda not only will give his interpretations but also will lead the two-voice show, on this occasion accompanied by his daughter

The Cuban musicians anthological pieces and the new titles of his repertoire open this strong performance programming that includes Scottish Phil Cunningham and Bain, Galician and Celtic music representatives Luar Na Lubre group and Portuguese Teresa Salgueiro, vocalist of Madredeus.

The famous singer, whos awaited as one of the three greats of the New Trova (Song) Movement (along with Silvio Rodríguez and late Noel Nicolás), will open this cycle that will also see the participation of exponents of classical music like the Paris Orchestral Ensemble.

Torrelavega will host World Music events, which will kick off with Caribbean rhythms and melodies, thanks to the voice and sensitivity of Pablo, who accompanied by his daughter and his group will leave the stage hot for the other artists invited to give warmth and beauty to Cantabria regions autumn and winter, amidst the high and cold peninsular mountains.

"Amo esta Isla", as an icon, introduces Pablo Milanés to this stage and once again the Spanish public waits for the singer, with their guitars and dreams, between the nostalgia and the laughter that will reach them with tropical airs, in a turn of harmony and sensitivity that as always defines and characterizes each of our Pablos performances.

Source: By Ignacio M. Doubrechatt, CubaSi

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