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Carlos Varela's concert  in Santiago de Cuba

"The concert in Santiago was as exciting as the tour thats just begun" said singer/songwriter Carlos Varela to Cubasí shortly before heading for the eastern province of Granma, where hell sing in Mazanillo and Bayamo.

At the meeting extended till the earliest hours of the following day did not hide the emotions he felt in recalling Santiago de Cubas warmth welcome basically from the university, where his best known songs Lucas y Lucía, Ying y el Yang, Ángel and La Política. Likewise, Telón de Fondo - a song included in his next disc - premiered.
Not to forget Varela was equally acclaimed the very first time he sang in Guantánamo, what made him expressed his surprise in face of such an exciting experience.

Carlos Varela returned home after his latest tour of Canada, which confirmed that language is not an obstacle for communicating with the listeners, irrespective of the scenario chosen.

Source: By Daniel Alejandro Benítez, CubaSi

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