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Cuban Festival of Origins dedicated to China
To the Chinese Presence in Cuba since 19 th Century, will be dedicated the 4th Festival of the Origins, to be held in this city coming September 15th and 16 th , informed Marta Silvia Escalona, coordinatoress of the event.

Escalona made clear to Prensa Latina that the arrival of that Asian emigration will be the topic of one of the two magisterial lectures on schedule. The other one is: "Places of Memory, World Heritage and People`s Religiousness".

The workshop "Identity and Tradition" and the debate of some 40 written works within the commissions: Tradition and Community Work, Ethnocultural History, and Festivities, Dances, Orality and Religiousness, acomple the agenda of the aforementioned event.

The people's culture will be theoretically developed. Not only the descirption of an event or the history of some personality, but also the theoretical debate on the rites as important part on the human being`s life, expressed Escalona.

The community work topic as well as the retrieval of the traditional people`s cults, the values generated by it, and the importance of preserving the Cuban Heritage are increased, she stated

The Festival will be hosted in San Severino Castle, a 17 th Century Spanish Fortress, the only construction which witnessed the settlement of this city, in 1793. Matanzas city is located 100 kilometers East of Havana.

According to historians, the Asian immigrants joined the evolution process of the city since 1847, as part of the flourishing sugar industry wellbeing.

According to statistics, 47% of all the Chinamen setlled in the Island of Cuba lived in the jurisdictions of Matanzas , Cárdenas and Colón, around 1870.

Source: Cubarte

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