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Ceremony in Malayssia
"Good afternoon, Dear Cuban and Latin American friends. Thanks for joining us today."


"After more than a year of work, we are unveiling, at the Cuban Embassy, this bust of Jose Marti, cast by well-known Cuban sculptor Alberto Lescay, who designed the monument where the remains of Che Guevara and those of his struggle comrades are preserved."

"The piece was donated by the Cuban Ministry of Culture with the ultimate aim of being part of a Bolívar-Marti Cultural Center in Malaysia. For the time being, the bust will be exhibited at the Embassy."

"The base of the bust tried in the best possible way to convey the character of the Apostle of the Independence of Cuba, his humility and profound love for the essence and simplicity of nature. A young Cuban painter, Enrique Wong, who recently visited Malaysia, interpreted the idea erecting this structure with his own hands, on top of which ivy has started to grow."

"Please allow me today to read a few excerpts of the Simple Verses, in which these features of Jose Marti's character are clearly expressed. They belong to his collection entitled I hate the Mask and Vice"

I quote:

With the poor people of this earth,

I want to share my lot.

The little streams of the mountains

Please me more than the sea.

(More verses in Spanish very difficult to translate)

"The wreath Cuban kid Camilo Batista placed has also a symbol. It is formed of white roses and we decided to put a red rose in the middle. The white roses symbolize Marti's poem which deals with love to humans. A poem we all here know very well."

"I quote:"

I cultivate a white rose

In June and in January

For the sincere friend

Who gives me his hand

And for the cruel one who would tear out

This heart with which I live.

I cultivate neither thistles nor nettles

I cultivate a white rose.

"This, dear friends, is certainly the first image, the first bust of a Latin American hero in Malaysia. Therefore, we wanted to gather Cubans and Latin Americans who reside in this lovely country of Southeast Asia."

"The figure of Marti, as it also happen with Bolívar, Sucre, San Martín, Juárez and many others who masterminded and are martyrs of our independence, has a continental dimension which symbolizes the essence uniting us around a comprehensive concept of identity Marti himself recognized as Our America, different from the Anglo-Saxon America."

"Marti was an outstanding poet and writer. In fact, he was the father of modernism in Hispanic literature. He was also an essayist, translator, painter, journalist, diplomat and an excellent, passionate and enthralling speaker."

"In literature and oratory, he was a man of exceptional capacity, sensitivity and passion which left an abundant work in just 42 years of intense and fruitful life."

"A man of action, he led a struggle for justice and independence and mobilized the most distinguished and strict veterans from previous wars. Jose Marti showed a sharp intelligence; knowledge on politics and strategies, as well as a devotion and commitment to sacrifice that brought his life to a tragic ending on the battle field."

"In this 19th century Cuban and Latin American hero, were combined art and action, literature and politics, romanticism and the imperatives of life. Marti was the most universal of all Cubans. He covered with his activities all areas of human behavior and left a legacy which inundates our lives. A legacy we cannot and do not want to get away from."

"Jose Marti left in us, Cubans, the imprint of an indomitable spirit, a strong sense of dignity, love, justice and human solidarity and a deep passion for independence."

"Today, Cuba is still the Cuba of Jose Marti. In 1953, during the trial to those who attacked the Moncada Garrison, Fidel affirmed that the intellectual author of that feat was Jose Marti."

"Today, 100 years on, 1000 years on and ever, Marti and his ideas will continue to be the soul of the Cuban people, the motive of their legitimate illusions, their dreams and utopias, and the cement that will firmly link us to Our America."

"Dear friend, this vitality and validity of Marti's spirit and ideas are what we wanted to represent with the sole red rose in the middle of our humble wreath,

Thank you very much."

Source: Cubarte

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