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 Endangered specie reported in Cuban wetland

The finding of the spotted rail in the Great Wetland to the North of Ciego de Avila will allow a controlled handling of that species of the Cuban avifauna, reported endangered.

The new discovery is located in the area known as El Venero, belonging to the enterprise Flora and Fauna in the province, which develops several projects of conservation with a national interest.

A total of three couples of these birds have been seen, they were filmed and photographed, because it presence was only known in Pinar del Rio and the Zapata Marsh.

Idael Ruiz Companioni, biologist of the center and leading the investigations explained that its interesting to know well the number of birds as to later characterize the habitat, the vegetable covering and water level of the swamps in the place.

The spotted rail, permanent resident in Cuba, is black with white stripes and spots, a medium-size body (about 25-30 centimeters) and as a distinctive characteristic the mixture of the colors yellow and green in the beak in which base appears a red circle.

Among the programs carried out by Flora and Fauna in Ciego de Avila are the preservation of the cranes, the jutia conguina, endemic from the south part of the province and one of environmental education.

The Great Wetland of the North which comprises the municipalities of Moron, Bolivia, and Chambas shelters more than 20 000 aquatic birds, among them, rose flamingos, pelicans, double-crested cormorant and some considered weird, like the Creole yaguasa and Bahamas duck.

It also has two natural water habitats, a rich marine platform that makes it a good provider of important fishing resources and contributes to the preservation of the aquifer layers for agriculture and the storage of water.

Source: Cubasi

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