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The westernmost municipality of Cuba gets first power generator

The first power generator activated by fuel oil is being installed in the westernmost municipality of the province, Sandino, which will make possible the highest power generation of the country per square meter, in addition to the support of the rest of the equipments already installed as part of the Energy Revolution.

This generator counts on the same working principles of a small thermoelectric, formed by two batteries with four machines each, and once the installation process is ended it will support the national electrical system.

According to Elio Mezquia Perez, project director of the Provincial Electric Enterprise, said to Guerrillero that currently a battery at 90 percent is installed and they are doing a hard work to let it ready before the end of these three months periods.

The power generator Hyundai, made in Korea, will function in a continuous way, and will allow this municipality to supply itself every time they need it to.

There are some other advantages such as the use of fuel oil, three times cheaper than oil in the international market, and with a much lower specific energy, because they only use 190 grams to produce a kilowatt, while the others need 220 grams working with the valued combustible.

Source: By Blanchie Sartorio, Guerrillero

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