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Cuba graduates handicapped in computer
The Community Computer Club, one of the main features of the computerization process of the Cuban society, left over 10 thousands disabled people graduate in the last five years.

The objective is to give special attention to people with physic and motor disabilities, including elderly, noted Raul Van Troi, director of those facilities.

In this respect, Cuba expects to give computing degree to 60 percent of handicapped aimed at giving them new jobs facilities and integration in the social environment.

The links between the Cuban Association for People with Disabilities (ACLIFIM), the National Association for the Blind (ANCI) and the National Association for the Deaf (ANSOC) enable those actions.

With their high-quality service and information-educational value, those centers give curses of varied content going from the basic tools of office automation to different programming languages.

The Community Computer Club has graduated over one million of Cubans, since it foundation in 1987.

Source: Prensa Latina

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