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GIRBAU, 8 Million Euros in Laundry Equipment to Cuba
Spanish company Girbau, for 30 years established in Cuba, will sell industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment for 8 million euros in 2007 to the island.

The report published here by business monthly Negocios en Cuba includes statements by Vice President for Exports and representative in Cuba, Santiago Carol, who says Girbau constructs washers from 7 up to 110 kilogram-capacity and the washing tunnel type in continuous processes.

Girbau equipment can be seen in hospitals, homes for the elderly and some self-service outlets.

Asked about plans for this year, the company's executive said sales would be in the order of 8 million euros, 2 million over last year's exports to Cuba. Girbau estimates business with Cuba can grow up to 20 percent per year.

Girbau stresses the role of maintenance and post-sale service, rendered by Sertec, part of the group Servisa and other companies, under the supervision and training of Girbau.

The Spanish company was founded in 1971, registers annual sales of over 80.7 million euros to 82 countries, in particular Japan and the United States.

Source: Prensa Latina

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