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The new Solmeliacuba.coms born
A more dynamic portal, with an original design and easy to surf, a new version of is a project developed by a Cuban team through free software which is distinguished by its usability.

It has a comprehensive site map, makes easier to search information about Cuba destination and the regions comprising the 24 hotel and was designed taking into account an online strategy aimed at competing along with partner tour operators of Sol Melia Cuba on markets that is why they enhance a wide range of regional versions.

Among the novelties, it is worth to mention the complete Web TV with original shows about the Cuban culture, cooking, hotel spots and photographs.It is also the opening of the unique specialized restaurants and all included hotel booking system, a search engine for destination offers, a visitors book so that users can give their opinion, also by posting their photographs, about their experiences with Sol Meliá Cuba, as well as bookmark pages and links related to hotels.

This indispensable tool will certainly provide tour operators, travel agencies, the media and users in general with the most complete and up-to-date information about sol Meliá Cuba.


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