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The beaches of Cuba, just one click away

A detailed study of the great potential treasured in the Cuban coast was made in It considers you have all the right to know them, to choose the best and more appropriate options, so that you can enjoy of Cuba from its nature.

Now you can access the web site in English, from wherever you are; just click. It contains Largo Cay and Bucanero beach, Guillermo Cay and Bibijagua beach, Santa Maria and Guardalavaca, Sevilla beach and Arenas Cay, etc.

It has the best beaches and cays in the seashore tours, where visitors can lodge at comfortable hotels, access nautical facilities, with updated equipments and a top professional staff. This is the ideal place to drink a Bucanero beer, tan in the sun and exchange with the charisma of the Cuban people.

The peculiarity of this friendly website is to provide tools, in order to guaranty an easy, fast and fluid navigation through attractive and simple pages. It is an invitation to stay, because in every click, you learn more: about the locations or provinces, the options of entertainment offered at the facilities, the local weather, the transportation, the prices. As in all competent web site gives us contacts with similar ones, informing about other touristy destines in the country; beside the optimal service of search and interaction.

The originality of relies on the fact it grows with the seashore tourisms evolution. It updates simultaneously with every change in Cuba. Thats how the unknown and the inedited news share a common place: the most real information for the expert, and for the new ones, one of the greatest treasures of the Island.

So, if you want to tan your skin as you never did, to discover and enjoy its beaches, or just to get to know the charm of the Cuban people under the sun of the Island; then sit down and open your eyes. This is a customized web site with the option to take the best ray of lights in Cuba.

In few words: will open the doors to comprehensive information about the best beaches of Cuba. In every click the door will open wider.

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